Consulting Services

We provide the following consulting services for all stakeholders in the expedition cruise, river cruise, passenger ferry, recreational boating and mega-yacht industry;

Regulatory Compliance

  • The regulatory requirements with which passenger ship and yacht owners are required to comply with, are continuing to increase and are becoming more stringent. We are continuously monitoring new regulatory developments in the areas of health, safety, environmental protection and mandatory climate change measures. We can advise and assist ship owners with compliance verification, through;
    • Compliance advice for private and commercial ships
    • Flag and class registration, or re-registration
    • Ship’s certificates management and control
    • ISM, ISPS and MLC services
    • Development of required flag state and class approved ship specific manuals
    • Marshall Islands pre-registration inspections for private yachts under 24 m


Safety & Crisis Response

    • Review of existing company safety and emergency procedures and recommendations for improvement
    • Performing independent internal ISM audits for companies (owners & managers) holding a DOC
    • Safety audits according to national regulations (inland shipping regulations)
    • Development and implementation of safety management systems (e.g. according to ISM-Code)
    • Development of Corporate Crisis Response Plans for shore based organizations
    • Development and implementation of Shipboard Emergency Procedures
    • Development of Planned Maintenance Schedules (PMS) for all safety related equipment
    • Development of SOLAS crew training manuals for fire safety and life saving appliances
    • Development of POLAR operations Manuals for Arctic regions
    • Development of emergency towing plans
    • Development of procedures for recovery of persons from the water
    • Development of passenger safety information and emergency instructions
    • Project management and development of passenger safety videos
    • Development of Ship Cyber Security Management Plan
    • On board security assessment and development of Ship Security Plans (ISPS)
    • Review of safety and emergency equipment and safety plans (e.g. for new-build projects)
    • Objective incident investigations and providing recommendations to prevent recurrence
    • Crisis Management, Crisis Media and Crowd Control training’s
    • Breathing Apparatus, First Aid and Safety Expert training’s for river cruise ships


Health, Hygiene & Sanitation

    • Occupational Health & Safety compliance audits, according to rules and regulations
    • Risk Inventory & Evaluation inspections, according to national legislation
    • Development and implementation of Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (ISO 45001)
    • Development and training of USPH and SHIPSAN compliant procedures
    • Development of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points systems for food safety (HACCP)
    • HACCP audits and inspections
    • Development of Pathogen Infection Prevention Procedures acc. to WHO/CDC/ECDC Guidelines
    • Development of Gastrointestinal Illness Procedures and Control Plans (e.g. Norovirus)
    • Development of Potable Water Management Plans and Legionella Prevention Control Plans
    • Development of Shipboard Pest Control Manuals
    • Investigation of occupational accidents and providing recommendations to prevent recurrence


Environmental Sustainability

  • Assist with environmental protection certification and compliance according to rules and regulations
  • On-site environmental sustainability assessments and recommendations for improvement
  • Environmental audits according to existing Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001)
  • Development and implementation of environmental management systems and procedures
  • Development, monitoring, analyzing and reporting of environmental KPI’s (e.g. energy, GHG’s, water and waste)
  • Development and implementation of garbage management plans
  • Development and implementation of Ship Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (SOPEP)
  • Development and implementation of Ballast Water Management Plans (BWMP)
  • Development and implementation of Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans (SEEMP)
  • Development of Corporate Social Responsibility plans for shore based organizations (ISO 26000)


Due Diligence Inspections

    • Due to our broad experience in the passenger ship industry and in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and industry best practices, we can assist ship owners, charterers, tour operators and insurance companies with their due diligence and health, safety and environmental risk management through; objective ship condition & evaluating inspections, or by secret shopper programs.


Hotel Operations

  • Dutch Swiss Marine has exclusive partnerships with renowned and highly experienced Hospitality & Cruise Ship Specialists, to assist luxury expedition- and river cruise ship operators and mega yacht managers/owners, with raising the quality of their on-board Hotel Operations. The hospitality consulting services include; an assessment of existing hotel standard operating procedures (SOP’s), improvement or development of new department specific SOP’s, plus on-board training of your hotel management team and heads of department;
    • Hotel Crew Guidelines
    • Front Office Administration Procedures
    • Accounting Procedures
    • Housekeeping & Service Procedures
    • Food & Beverage Operations Procedures
    • Bar Service Procedures
    • HACCP Procedures